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The Msaada Umbrella

How do you rebrand an umbrella of organizations with heart and purpose?

Msaada Partners, Malaika Ventures, and the Majira Project are entities dedicated to helping build organizations with a broad range of focuses. Studio J Lorne was tasked with rebranding all three entities.

We all deserve access to tools that build success.

After a push from a respected peer, Kerry Bowie reached out to Studio J Lorne to rebrand the Majira Project, a Boston-based accelerator program dedicated to providing the tools, funding, and skills needed for successful entrepreneurship in Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities. After executing a successful visual brand strategy for the Majira Project, Studio J Lorne was brought back to rebrand the venture capital firm Malaika Ventures, as well as the social impact consultancy, Msaada partners. The newly designed umbrella of brands strategically combines strong African symbology inspired by the organizations’ names and ideologies with modern interpretations and timeless execution.

Look Back to Launch Forward.


We all deserve access to tools that build success.

The Msaada Umbrella

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This collaboration started thanks to Carrie Lastname, who was introduced through a mutual connection that had also previously collaborated on Malik Adventures. Msaada Partners, seen as a more polished arm – focused on professional services and relationship brokering with larger organizations – sought SJL’s expertise for brand execution.

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