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Project Northstar

How do you authentically inform and inspire a city’s Black & Latinx entrepreneurs?

Use ancestral motifs to create a space that inspires future innovation.

Project Northstar

Your value is undeniable.


Bridging the gap of abstraction to action

Project NorthStar, initiated by the City of Philadelphia in collaboration with Black & Brown Founders, focuses on reducing barriers for Black and Latinx individuals in technology. This conference is pivotal in fostering innovation and providing substantial opportunities within underrepresented communities, emphasizing the strategic creation of an inclusive ecosystem in technology.

our Role

Studio J Lorne crafted a comprehensive brand strategy that positioned NorthStar as a beacon for diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. This strategy encompassed creating a strong visual identity, cohesive messaging, and community-focused event branding that authentically represented the values and goals of the conference.

Services provided

Visual Brand Identity Development | Brand Platform Development

Behaviors Elevated

Maintaining Authenticity | Legitimacy | Harnessing Trust | Harnessing Ancestral Knowledge

Co-Producer: John Doe

Production Artist: John Doe

Illustrator: John Doe

Motion Artist: John Doe

Lead Producer: John Doe

Art Director: John Doe

Brand Strategist: John Doe

Graphic Designer: John Doe

John Doe

John Doe

John Doe

John Doe


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