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Green Spaces Market

How do you highlight the cultural power of an up-and-coming market concept?

Denver is a city with over a dozen marketplaces. Studio J Lorne was hired to create the web home for Green Spaces Market—A market concept that prioritizes sustainability, impact, and culture.



Presenting the Heart of the City

Green Spaces Market, founded by Jevon Taylor, gives small businesses, nonprofits, and local artists an opportunity to have affordable retail and studio space in a prominent district in Denver, Colorado.

Jevon has had success in apparel, as a community leader, and as the owner of Green Spaces, a co-working space dedicated to being a premier eco-friendly and community-driven work and event destination.

Strategically, the site needed to maintain the brand equity of Green Spaces, but elevate it as a hub for local artists, vendors, and patrons with diverse backgrounds and interests.



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