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Stabilizing the Energy Grid with Ultracapacitors

florrent is a minority-owned, Massachusetts-based company innovating to create the next generation of high energy density ultracapacitors from hemp biomass grown regeneratively by BIPOC farmers.

our Role

SJL’s partnership with florrent began in the company’s early-stages, after being introduced through a meetup member. Jason played a pivotal role in steering the initial brand refresh, from the renaming process to crafting a brand platform. This strategic overhaul equipped florrent with tools to help drive new round investments. To this day, the SJL Team and florrent continue to collaborate on various branding and marketing campaigns.

Services provided

Brand Development

Behaviors Elevated

Brand Clarity / Brand Equity / Sequencing

How do you present an ecosystem of renewable energy to the world?

florrent ultracapacitors will stabilize electrical grids and address critical bottlenecks for the adoption of renewable energies, electric vehicles, and electric buildings.

Stabilizing the Energy Grid with Ultracapacitors

At florrent, their focus isn’t solely on unlocking a world powered by clean energy; the path they take and the people they involve are just as critical. By bringing diverse teams together, they aim to foster more innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. florrent’s ultracapacitors are designed to stabilize electrical grids and address significant hurdles in the adoption of renewable energies, electric vehicles, and electric buildings. Committed to making a positive impact throughout their value chain, florrent strives to restore dignity and self-determination to historically oppressed communities.


Through power, we empower.

measuring Impact

$2.1M Pre-Seed Funding

Established Brand Credibility with Investors, Inviting Longevity and Scalability

SJL has been one of florrent's earliest and strongest partners, believers, and collaborators. From our name change/re-branding last year to our website 1.0 and 2.0 launches, to our slideware/product renderings and beyond, SJL has made sure our brand is undeniable. We look to SJL not just as a service provider or partner, but as an extension of our own team. It's been a pleasure and an honor growing alongside them since we started working together, and we look forward to continuing our work together for a long time to come. SJL is the best, straight up! —Joe Hastry | COO & CFO of florrent

winning highlights
Thanks to SJL’s early collaboration, florrent’s brand platform has proven to be a tremendous asset over the years, giving them continuous momentum to fuel their growth. With SJL’s strategic guidance and partnership , florrent has successfully secured pre-seed funding from entities like MassVentures, with participation from MassMutual Catalyst Fund, AIN Ventures, Tale Venture Partners, NextFab Ventures, Boston Impact Initiative, and others. With a compelling product and a strong brand presence, they continue to shake the table in the clean energy and storage renewables market.
Client Relationship
The SJL x florrent relationship first began through a connection with a Black Innovation Alliance member Kerry Bowie. Being a perfect match across the board with the team, values and mission – SJL aligned on scope of work to help reposition the initial brand. The initial challenge was helping the florrent brand gain more credibility.

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