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Black Innovation Alliance

How do you present an ecosystem for Black Innovators?

BIA is an ecosystem-building institution dedicated to closing this gap through the direct support of Black-led innovator support organizations in service to Black entrepreneurs, tech founders, and creative technologists.



A Home and a Future for Black Innovators

Entrepreneurship is the key to closing the racial wealth gap. However, access to resources that serve this goal is often scarce, mismanaged, or poorly disseminated. Additionally, systemic racism fueled by both conscious and unconscious bias can make it difficult for Black folk to be owners and build economies that sustain their communities without exploitation.

Since completing their visual rebrand in 2021, our Founder has been installed as a strategic advisor for Black Innovation Alliance. Together, Studio J Lorne and Black Innovation Alliance have developed a myriad of unique and galvanizing brands for BIA’s extensive list of programs and initiatives.



Blackness IS Innovation.


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