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Black & Brown Founders


Pro Revenue. Not anti-investment.

Black & Brown Founders is a non-profit that believes anyone with a solution to an idea and the dedication to bring it to life should have access to do so.

our Role

Studio J Lorne was brought in at the inception of the organization as a creative partner and was instrumental in developing the visual brand. SJL continues to be a creative partner that encourages participation, pride, and puts Black and Latinx founders in a position to build and thrive.

Services provided

Creative Strategy / Design / Branding / Event Branding

Behaviors Elevated

Authenticity / Product Clarity

How do you encourage Black and Latinx founders to build the businesses and lives they’ve dreamed of?

You position their success as a forgone conclusion.

Pro Revenue. Not anti-investment.

Black & Brown Founders is a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring anyone with an idea and the drive to see it through can get where they need to go. Unfortunately, we live in a world where systemic racism has led to a staggering racial wealth gap and practices that leave Black and Latinx tech founders out in the cold, often overlooked and unfunded. To tackle this, BBF hosts events and has created the Bootstrapping Bootcamp designed to help fledgling founders turn their ideas into income, whether they’ve got outside investment or not.

Black & Brown Founders

Generational Wealth Looks Like Me.

measuring Impact

300% Increased Brand Presence

Donation System Integration

Timeless Mark for a Timeless Brand

Studio J Lorne, makes us look good. The attention to our community, audiences, and stakeholders gives us a leg up as a small organization. — Deldelp Medina | Executive Director of Black & Brown Founders

winning highlights
Under SJL’s efforts, BBF managed to secure partnerships thanks to the strength of their brand presentation. BBF has continuously experienced growth since its inception, attributed to a captivating brand presence. Their brand strategy has paved the way for donations, media partnerships, and expanding opportunities, positioning BBF as a leading in closing the racial wealth gap for years to come.
Client Relationship
The SJL team at Black & Brown Founders’ Wakanda Forever fundraiser in San Francisco. Three of the people in this photo fell asleep during the film. Guess who!

Co-Producer: John Doe

Production Artist: John Doe

Illustrator: John Doe

Motion Artist: John Doe

Lead Producer: John Doe

Art Director: John Doe

Brand Strategist: John Doe

Graphic Designer: John Doe

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