Why Founders Flounder without Brand Clarity

Brand positioning statement informed by Brand Clarity

Say that five times fast lol. Imagine having a brand so crystal clear that your team is more effective, funders can’t resist you, and your communication hits all the right notes. In this blog, we’ll explore how defining your brand with precision can make your journey from solo entrepreneur to powerhouse team seamless, secure the trust of funders, and ensure your goals are not just met, but exceeded.

First, let’s set the table:


Branding is the praxis of establishing, standardizing, and consistently maintaining clarity around organizational behavior.


Marketing is telling people how to get at you.

Positioning Statement

Positioning Statement tells the world what you do, who you do it for, how you do it, and what your end goal is. It directly gives way to Brand Clarity and will be your north star as you build.

Brand clarity

Brand clarity is the foundation on which your organization sits. It improves everything exponentially, turning unlikely into undeniable.

  • Customer service
  • Fundraising
  • Hiring
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • PR
  • Product development
  • Retention
  • Sales
  • Storytelling

Okay, now that we’ve set you up with some language, let’s look at how brand clarity makes your team, quest for funding, comms, and execution undeniable…

Scaling Your Team and Making Them More Effective

Remember last week when Alicia dropped some wisdom about brand clarity boosting your team? If you missed it, GO LOOK AT OUR SOCIALS! Transitioning from a solopreneur to building a team means establishing your brand first. Think of your brand’s identity as your team’s North Star– if it’s unclear or inconsistent, you won’t get very far. You don’t want to bring people on board without a clear identity. Before you accept a new position you want to know what you’re signing up for, right? Sure, the brand might evolve (good ones usually do), but a solid foundation helps your team stay grounded and will attract the talent you want.

Catching the Eye of Funders and Building/Retaining Trust

Let’s be real: you need money to run an organization. Because, you know, CAPITALISM. Securing funding is crucial, and brand clarity is your golden ticket to attracting and keeping funders’ trust. You wouldn’t give your money to someone you didn’t trust, right? RIGHT?! So, don’t expect funders to either. You’re an investment and they want a return. Make them trust you by laying it all out clearly. Explain the issue at hand, how your solution is THE solution, and how you plan to make it happen.

Speaking Consistently and Compellingly

Your comms need brand clarity and consistency like peanut butter needs jelly, fam. Zero in on your voice, tone, and engagement style. Finding your voice might take a bit, and that’s okay. We didn’t have it figured out right away either, but brand clarity gave us the foundation to solidify our communication style. Pro tip: start with your positioning statement and let it guide you. It’s the first step in establishing your brand’s voice and it sets the stage for everything else.

Execution of Your Goals

You want to actualize your goals? You’re gonna want brand clarity. Clear brand guidelines and a well-defined platform give your team the necessary foundation for making strategic decisions, creating impactful content​​​​, and closing in on your goals. When everyone gets the organization, their roles, and the vision, they can work confidently and effectively. Execution is automatic from there.

There you have it, folks! Now that you’ve got the lowdown on brand clarity, you can build an undeniable foundation instead of floundering around. You don’t always have to build the plane as you fly it, so don’t! If you find yourself doing that a lot, it’s time to get disciplined. Take the time to clarify your brand and watch as that clarity becomes the cornerstone of your success. Sure, there’s a lot of uncertainty when you’re just starting out, but when you know who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and how you plan to do it, you’ll be killin’ it in no time.


Take a look at the framework for a positioning statement and give it a whirl. That’s the first step in establishing brand clarity. And if you need a second opinion, you know where to find us! 😉


Alicia Mountain

Alicia is Studio J Lorne’s Social media coordinator, a prominent eco-warrior, and an aspiring lawyer that could probably cross you over on the basketball court.


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