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Course from Scratch

How do you encourage people to turn their truth into revenue?

Course from Scratch is an online accelerator program that teaches entrepreneurs how to…well…build courses from scratch. Studio J Lorne was entrusted with re-branding the industry-leading organization.



More than a mere course.

As of 2021, online education is a 30.6 billion dollar industry. It’s not hard to imagine that a significant portion of that valuation is due to Danielle Leslie’s Course from Scratch. Since 2016, Danielle’s online education platform has been part academy, part bootcamp, part therapy, part community, and all impact.

CFS teaches thousands of students that their stories and experiences are valuable. Then, it teaches them how to monetize that value.

Studio J Lorne was tasked with strategically re-branding this transformative educational experience in a way that paid homage to its founder while elevating its students and visually portraying its profound credibility.



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