A Few of my Favorite Things

Because you're just DYING to know.

Prepare yourselves– I’m giving away some serious game today. We’ve fed you lil tidbits throughout the week but I wanted to share a bit more about myself and some of my most essential items. By taking you through my essentials for home, work, music, and style, the goal is to help you to think about finding your own essentials. It’s important to have tools and gadgets around you that breed confidence, help you stay organized, and that are personally YOURS. As you’ll see, I keep it pretty simple but you can go crazy if you want to.

House Tools: Must-Have Gadgets

Everything starts at home. I’m telling you right now, you NEED a good set of knives. Reason number one: Who cooks with dull knives??? Reason number two: You never know who might show up to your crib unannounced…if you know what I mean. Gotta be ready for anything at all times. For the ambiance, Phillips Hue lightbulbs add a touch of sophistication, and maybe bougieness too. If you can’t control your lights remotely, you need to step your game up. Then there’s my hand vacuum. Nobody wants to have to pull out a big ass vacuum for every spill.

Cologne: The Smell of Success

Never underestimate the power of a good cologne. Every occasion calls for a different vibe, from your shoes to your clothes to your scent. When I’m in a boss mood, it’s Tom Ford Noir Extreme for me, with notes of cardamom, orange flower, and sandalwood. For date night, I go with Rabanne Invictus Platinum, which has a chill, sexy mix of grapefruit, lavender, and cypress wood. And for those big meetings, you know I have to pull out Dior Sauvage. Didn’t know I had it like that, huh?! I spent a lot of time trying things out and shopping around to find what I liked. If it seems overwhelming or you’re new to the cologne game, start by finding notes you like and build your collection from there.

Apps: Streamlining My Workflow

When it comes to apps, a few key ones keep the work organized and smooth. I use Spectacle for managing and resizing windows which makes multitasking so much easier for me. If I’m gonna do one thing, it’s do multiple things at once haha.

My other essential app is for music. Gotta have the tunes! I recently switched from Tidal and Spotify to just Spotify. I will miss my full Anita Baker catalog via Tidal but your boy is trying to save money.

I apologize, Jay-Z. Believe me I do.

Music: Setting the Mood

Speaking of music, it’s a big part of my day-to-day. You could say I’m a brand strategist by day and a musician by night. When I’m deciding what to listen to, the environment dictates the tunes.

These Denver drivers will keep you on your toes, so on my way to work, I like the raw sounds of the city—traffic, road rage (coming from INSIDE the car), and all haha. 

When I’m working out, it’s movie soundtracks like “Rocky,” “Creed,” and “Avengers”. I don’t know if there’s science to back this up,, but when I feel like Rocky Balboa, I lift like Rocky Balboa.

But nothing beats Childish Gambino right now. He recently came out with a Through-y and it’s perfect for those looooong work sessions. Truly, it’s like no other music exists right now.

Style: Essential Elements

For me, style is more about versatility and expression than making a statement—that and feeling good. I believe in the power of layers, which is perfect for a place like Denver where you’ll get four seasons in a day sometimes. 

A go-to sneaker for me HAS to be Air Force 1s. Not the all-whites that look like they’ve been through hell and back. I keep mine crispy and clean. 

For the more formal occasions or when I mean business, I like to mix it up with a nice pair of dress shoes that have a lil pop of color. 

A dope accessory doesn’t hurt. I try to find pieces that are unique, custom, or are connected to the folks I care about. This, more than any other style essentials, takes TIME.

I do me. You do you!

My essentials are simple and functional with a personal touch that makes it my own. At the end of the day, don’t chase trends or buy things you don’t need. As I’ve mentioned before, figure out what you want to accomplish and acquire the tools to get you there, whether it’s work-related, boosting confidence, or simply finding some relaxation.


Jason Lorne Giles

Jason is the founder of Studio J Lorne and a bar-spittin’, hard-hittin’, IP-driven, creative polymath with a a penchant for problem solving.


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