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The Week

How do you inspire deep personal change in a subject that’s easy to avoid?

The Week is a three-night film experience accompanied by a toolkit that helps people to face one of the biggest challenges of our time—climate and ecological breakdown. Studio J Lorne was entrusted with developing a brand strategy that inspires deep change and profound action that the ecological movement desperately needs.



Building a shared, modern right of passage

When best-selling authors Helene and Fred had a powerful awakening that forced them to no longer ignore the ecological crisis, they set out to share their transformational experience with the world. However, seeing where other films and movements had failed in this area, they tried a novel approach.

Studio J Lorne was tasked with understanding the factors involved in confronting significant personal change. The goal was to strategically build a brand platform for The Week that invited others to evolve their behavior and thinking on climate change.



It takes all of us to end the apathy that is destroying our planet.






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