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Project NorthStar

How do you authentically inform and inspire a city’s Black & Latinx entrepreneurs?

Project Northstar was a 3-Day event in Philadelphia that encouraged Black and Latinx entrepreneurial education.



"Bridge the gap of abstraction to action"

Project Northstar was conceptualized by Philadelphia’s Mayor, Jim Kenney. He was disappointed with the lack of diversity at prominent tech events. As the leader of a majority-minority city, Mayor Kenney saw an opportunity to create a high-caliber conference for underrepresented people in tech.

Soon after, Mayor Kenney connected with Aniyia Williams, Executive Director of Black & Brown Founders. United in their ambition, they brought a meaningful program to their hometown. The goal quickly went beyond diversity and inclusion to address the growing wealth gap through innovation.

Studio J Lorne was asked to build an authentic and compelling brand platform that behaviorally and visually positioned a future of Black and Latinx entrepreneurship.



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