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Black & Brown Founders

How do you encourage Black and Latinx founders to build the businesses and lives they’ve dreamed of?

Black & Brown Founders was created to help Black & Latinx founders build tech companies with modest resources.



Not anti-investment. Pro Revenue.

Black & Brown Founders is a non-profit that believes anyone with a solution to an idea and the dedication to bring it to life should have access to do so. Unfortunately, we live in a world where systemic racism has led to a staggering racial wealth gap and practices that lead to Black and Latinx tech founders getting overlooked and unfunded.

To combat this, BBF hosts events and has developed a Bootstrapping Bootcamp, all dedicated to helping fledgling founders go from concepts to coins with or without outside investment.

Studio J Lorne has been tasked with building a brand that encourages participation, pride, and puts Black and Latinx founders in a position to build and thrive.



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