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Apps Without Code

How do you make a no-code app development feel credible and exciting?

Apps Without Code is a no-code app course created by Forbes’ 30-under-30, Tara Reed. Studio J Lorne was tasked with developing AWC’s industry-disrupting brand.



"You don’t have to be a tech genius to launch a startup"

Tara Reed started blogging about her experience as an entrepreneur in 2014. The popularity of her Blog led her to do a TED talk about developing without code. After an overwhelming fan demand, she launched a small no-code app-building cohort of five people. In her next cohort, 50 entrepreneurs participated.
Once Apps Without code grew to a point where it was ready to scale at an even greater rate, Tara reached out to Studio J Lorne to build a brand. The goal was to help position the company as a lifestyle business—inspiring confidence among corporate sponsors, teams, and the thousands of people who wanted to take control of their financial futures by bringing their app ideas to life.



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